Our Story

Ashley & Josie

Ashley Nelms

Animals have always been what my world revolved around. I grew up on my grandparent’s dairy farm, Oak Ridge Farm, and spent most of my childhood on the back of horse named Flare. I am who I am because of the animals I have shared my life with. They have taught me the greatest life lessons and have been there for me in a way humans never could.  I have dedicated my life to helping animals to honor the ones that have helped me. They are their own beings, have personalities, wants and needs and they all want to live a life that is respected and valued, just like we do. We should all stand for something, I stand for them.


Chris Nelms

I have been a part of random animal rescues for many years with my wife, I knew when we bought land this would take on a new level.  I didn’t expect becoming vegan and having farm animals in the backyard but I am committed to making a difference. Most folks talk but very few actually do.  I am resident geek, the business side of the rescue, the lifting heavy things side, the go with me to the vet side, the help me with fencing side.  To anyone that has a dream, it all starts with one step so go ahead and take the first one.